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Mila + Paige will focus on bringing fashionable, high quality garments into store with two distinct styles. There are two muses the store will use when curating clothing, Mila and Paige.

Address: 45 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC

Phone: 604-553-6452

Mon:   11am to 6pm
Tues:  11am to 6pm
Wed:   11am to 6pm
Thurs:   11am to 7pm
 Fri:       11am to 6pm
Sat/Sun: 11am to 5pm
*In desperate need of an admin day, we decided to close on Tuesdays but we will have a “knock for service” sign, for when we’re working in the back. Please feel free to knock and we’ll let you in to shop!
We love to hear from our shoppers!

Interested in collaborating? Send us a message.